About Us

Seal Company opened in 1971 in Tulsa, OK with the purpose of servicing and supplying the OEM and MRO market places in Oklahoma and surrounding States with quality O-rings, seals, gaskets and packings. In 1976 we expanded with the opening of our office in Oklahoma City increasing our market coverage. Today we supply Sealing Solutions globally with over 175 years of combined seal experience.

In 1982 we expanded into gasket fabrication and O-ring vulcanizing. Our gasket department has grown to include multiple Clicker presses along with circle shear, fly-cutting and hand cutting operations. Our most recent addition to our Gasket department is aFlashcut dieless high speed knife cutting table. And our vulcanizing department now consists of 9 vulcanizing presses.  

Our goal is to continue expanding our nationwide and global coverage, providing our current customers and future customers with superior service solutions, technical solutions and quality products at competitive prices.